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Experienced. Non-Judgmental. Supportive.

I offer clinical counseling sessions to Individuals, Couples, Family and Youth, and those who are navigating separation or divorce. 

Sessions can be booked both

in-person and virtually depending on each individual situation and need.

Finding the right counselor to support you is incredibly important. 

My therapeutic style is person-centered, solution focused, grounded in an attachment lens using various therapeutic modalities. 

I believe in the importance of incorporating neurobiology to understand and recognize our responses.

The nervous system plays a fundamental role in not only producing thoughts, emotions, and behavior but also in regulating vital bodily functions. By delving into basic neuroscience, we gain insights into the intricate mechanisms underlying our cognitive and emotional processes.

Understanding how the brain works can empower individuals to comprehend their own responses better. It allows us to recognize the biological basis of our thoughts and emotions, which can be incredibly empowering. Moreover, it encourages us to reflect on the intricate interplay between the mind and body, highlighting the profound connections between our mental and physical well-being.

By acknowledging the role of neurobiology, we can develop a more comprehensive understanding of ourselves and others. This knowledge fosters empathy and compassion, as it helps us appreciate that our responses are not solely determined by conscious choice but are also influenced by complex neurological processes.

Ultimately, integrating neurobiology into our understanding of human behavior and experience enriches our lives by providing deeper insights into what it means to be human. 


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